Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just Do IT

Open the door to a new beginning somewhere in your life. Begin something today that will make you proud of who you are and what you have been through. It may be to actually start writing your book or journal; enrolling in an exercise class or starting a new project; or it may mean letting go of the reminders of your past life and throwing them out for good.

Release the stuff that reminds you of the self that you once were. You don't need to keep tripping over them. Whatever time that was is now past,,,it's over....done! You can't go back. Hold the good memories in your heart...throw out the bad...and most of all..move on to something new in your life.

If you're not actively creating...you're standing still. Realize that you hold the key to your own future. No one will come to rescue you if you don't get real with where you are; what you're up against; what's holding you back; and who really has your back. You deserve a brighter future. Make it happen for you...because YOU DESERVE!! ~ admin

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Global Pet Alert - Android Apps

Global Pet Alert

Global Pet Alert allows you to send an instant Alert about a missing pet using your mobile phone. You can act immediately!

With the press of a button, you send the Alert and inform your surroundings.

Anyone located within the search radius will be given the notification and be on the lookout with you.

The more people involved with Global Pet Alert, the stronger the network becomes so tell your friends! United, we can recover our pets quickly and safely into the respective owners.

Register now, even if you don't have pets.

Global Pet Alert

Friday, April 5, 2013

Be a Global Player

In the digital age, no leader should be satisfied with a business that is defined by national borders. All companies should think about reaching customers anywhere. But going from local to global can seem daunting. And so to those who are thinking of going global, I offer this set of first steps:

  • Get your news from the world. Branch out in your reading, your surfing, your discussions. Tap into international sources as well as local sources from far afield. Don’t be satisfied with the news as it is filtered through your regular sources. Reach out for new ones.
  • Encourage all employees in your company to consider themselves global employees, even if travel is not in their job descriptions. How can they do this? They should benchmark competitors in other countries. Be aware of innovations elsewhere in the world. Instead of attending the same conferences, go to events in other countries.
  • Create career paths that encourage a global experience. Make it possible – even preferable – for managers to work outside their country of origin.

Going global is a big transformation, but it can be started with small steps from your current location. When you open your mind to the world and its information, you are already on the global matrix. Thinking global is the first step to being there.

Credit: Hiroshi Mikitani - CEO, Rakuten Inc.